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We have been preparing bankruptcy filings for over 20 years and in that time, we have handled more than 75,000 consumer cases. But there is more to it than just preparing run-of-the-mill bankruptcies.


What an awesome service you provide. I really appreciate all your fine work and help. - Patty S., Las Vegas, NV

In the early years, we managed the backend operation for various bankruptcy attys in several of the largest bankruptcy cities in the US. These attys would sell bankruptcy services to their clients and we would prepare the documents, file them and arrange for appearance attys representation at the trustee hearing. Because we worked for several busy attys and in large markets, we churned out an inordinate volume of bankruptcy filings and in the process, mastered all the ins and outs of consumer bankruptcy.

The law says that you can stop collectors from telephoning you or writing you at any time even without filing bankruptcy by doing one simple thing. Are you aware of this?

Most people are not aware of this. In fact most attys do not know this either. This is just one small example of how we know the ins and outs of consumer debt and bankruptcy and this is one thing we reveal in the Labyrinth. It will make your jaw drop when you find out how easy it is.

Because the attys our company supported handled contested bankruptcy issues, we did too. If there were complex post-petition issues, we would do the legal research and prepare all the documents necessary to defend the persons against creditor challenges. These included court motions for both adversarial and administrative processes as well as documents in adversary core proceedings. These ran the gamut of, complaints to determine dischargeability; motions to avoid judicial liens; 521(f) motions; motions to lift the automatic stay; motions to value property of the estate; motions to cram down under-secured claims; complaints regarding student loans and a lot more. It is in these contested cases and the appeals court decisions that the underbelly of the system can be seen.

It was in providing legal research and support for contested cases as well as the sheer volume of bankruptcy filings, that we got to master the inner workings of the bankruptcy system, and this is where we accumulated the wealth of knowledge we call, The Labyrinth. As a consumer, your bankruptcy will almost never be contested, but you can still benefit from the resulting wealth of knowledge, The labyrinth.

In the past, we handled all sorts of bankruptcy types including the dreaded chapter 11 for large businesses. Back then, a lot of people who wanted to file chapter 13 to allow them more time to catch up on delinquent mortgages could not do so. This was because there was a low asset eligibility limit for chapter 13. This meant that in high cost real-estate markets such as California, New York and the eastern coast, a lot of people were forced to file chapter 11 because of high home values.

Filing a chapter 11 was and still is nothing less than a nightmare reserved for large corporations with a team of  bankruptcy attys. Even today, the vast majority of bankruptcy attys do not handle chapter 11 cases, and the few that do are like high-priced gunslingers, charging often as much as $10,000 or $20,000 just to start a case. Some of the attys we worked for handled chapter 11 cases, which meant that we did too. It was in this high pressure do-or-die arena that we further differentiated ourselves from other bankruptcy companies. Mind you, this was all before there was a popular Internet and before there were any bankruptcy companies on the Web.

Though we started out handling both business and consumer bankruptcies, around the mid-nineties when bankruptcy procedural rules were relaxed in favor of consumers, we turned our attention exclusively to helping consumers. When we did, we created the web based bankruptcy industry which until then did not exist.

It was because of our success that a lot of other companies entered the consumer bankruptcy market. Interestingly enough, as of a few years ago, more than half of the web based bankruptcy companies in the United States were started by individuals who themselves either filed their own personal bankruptcies through us or were affiliated with us. They figured that if we could do it then they too could do the same.

Yes, any attorney or experienced bankruptcy paralegal can prepare bankruptcies but not everyone can prepare it with the confidence and ease that we can. The one resounding phrase that our past customers use in describing their experience with us are the words, "as smooth as silk." But this honor is not easily earned. We learned our craft handing contested consumer and business bankruptcies in the early nineties and we honed our skills over the last two decades preparing more than 75,000 consumer bankruptcies. But that in itself does not entitle us to handle your bankruptcy.

"Very Impressed"

"I'm very impressed with your level of expertise and customer service."

In fact, I am writing an ebook about my online bankruptcy experiences to share with the world.

- Mae S., Okmulgee, OK

Choosing a bankruptcy company to get you out of debt is a personal thing. Some people are terrified of the courts and will do anything to have an attorney hold their hands. Many others who have taken the time to read all the testimonials know in their hearts that these past clients cannot all be wrong about how easy their bankruptcies were. As modest as our price is, there are those who may want to try it themselves with blank forms from the court. If nothing else, it will help them appreciate how much work we do for them for so little. (It is like the appreciation you get when you think of all the trouble the postal service has to go through to hand deliver a letter across the country for under a dollar.)

When deciding who to entrust your bankruptcy filing to, consider that we do more than prepare your bankruptcy. Over the years we have developed relationships with many attys throughout the country and we place this attorney network at your disposal. If you need to ask an attorney a question, we can help you talk to one for a few dollars and sometimes for free. Remember, we are not attys and we cannot give you legal advice, but we can put you in touch with attys who can.

We not only prepare bankruptcies, but we expose the inside secrets of high-priced bankruptcy attys for your benefit. We were the first and only bankruptcy company to show consumers techniques for filing bankruptcy without its even showing up on the credit reporting industry is built on rules and because they are man-made rules rather than natural rules, they are full of loopholes and can be broken. We show you how to legally bend the rules to keep your bankruptcy from being reported in the first place. But this is not the reason you should use us.

We not only prepare bankruptcies but we can help you recover completely from the negative consequences of filing bankruptcy, that being your credit. Bankruptcy can stain your credit for 10 years or even more but it does not have to be so. With proper help you can have bankruptcy removed from your credit report in as little as 12 months after filing. We can give you access to the best consumer credit advocacy attys who will purge your credit of all negative entries including the bankruptcy in about 12 months. But this is not the reason to use us.

"We did as you said and 4 months into it... Our bad derogs began to fall off one after the other. By the one year mark the bk itself came off our credit. The day we found out was a day we will never forget."

Use us for your bankruptcy filing because, more than anyone else in the United States, we will ensure that your bankruptcy will be the smoothest and most effective at discharging your debts. We are confident enough about this to guarantee you the discharge, not just the filing.

Our iron-clad guarantee starts where others stop. Attorneys do not guarantee their work at all. How can they? They have no idea whether what you tell them is true or not or whether the information you supply them for your bankruptcy is correct or not. Besides, they do not fancy refunding the $1,500 or more that they charge. Other non-attorney bankruptcy professionals do not guarantee the discharge either. They may guarantee the documents but not the discharge and this is because they have no control over the information you supply. We guarantee you the discharge not only because we know that we are good enough to get it in every case, but because we know you have a lot of worries on your mind and we want your discharge not to be one more worry.

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Texas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
"It turned out to be one of the easiest and smoothest things I have ever done."
Jackie M., Los Angeles, CA

Amount discharged: $37,483.00
Number of creditors: 25
Reason: Credit cards, medical bills.
Discharge on: July 24th
Location: Central District, Los Angeles CA

Comments: "I got into debt when my husband took ill. It wiped out our savings and when I went from full time to part time, it was unbearable. We never thought we would file but now that it is over, I cannot imaging still living as we did. We can now stop and smell the roses...Thanks for being there when we needed you." - Jackie M. Los Angeles, CA

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You guys are awesome!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw thw[sic] documents ready email. my 75 yr. old mom is breathing a small sigh of relief knowing i can get this done before my court appearance next week. - P.C., Harrisonburg, VA
THANK YOU!!! I filed bankruptcy papers less than a week ago, received the date for the creditors hearing already. must admit I was scared, but so much stress has been lifted from me more attorneys threatning[sic] me anymore!! have a few friends who will use your company now, wanted to wait until they saw how I made out..again..thanks so much for your help!! BA

- Belladonna, Gulfport, MS
I'm very impressed with your level of expertise and customer service here. In fact, I am writing an ebook about my online bankruptcy experiences to share with the world. Which brings me to my question for you, do you have an affiliate program here?

- Mae S., Okmulgee, OK
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I filed my bankruptcy papers today and everything went smooth I have a sheriff's sale scheduled for Oct.5. I ask the clerk if filing stops the sale and she advised me to contact the attorneys on the forclosure[sic] case. I did and it went smooth. My question is do I need to contact all my creditors and let them know? Please let me know at your earliest convenienc[sic]. Thank you.

- Owen C., St. Louis, MO
I went to my trustee hearing this week, and everything went smoothly as you said it would I only need to get the information from you about repairing my credit after the discharge.

- Audrey D., Anniston, AL
I paid for you to do my bankruptcy papers. Everything went smoothly, even better than I thought.

- Abigail N., Columbia, SC
Hi, I used your site last year to file bankruptcy and just wanted to let you know that everything went smooth just like ya'll said . But now a friend wants to file and wanted to know if you covered the state of Arkansas. I thought it said that some states weren't covered but could not remember. Thank you , Chris W.

- Chris W., Albuquerque, NM
You deliver what you promise. My papers were accepted by the court. My Trustees Meeting was today. It lasted about 10 minutes. No creditors were there. Trustee asked if you gave legal advice. I said no. He also commented on how nicely done the papers were and asked for the name of your website! Thank you for providing a good product.

- Stu J., Fort Wayne, IN
i just wanted to email you and give some thanks for making the filing for bankruptcy much, much easier for me. i sent my completed forms in last week, and heard back today that my 341 meeting is set for 6 weeks from now, and that my fee has been waived, which was a great relief to me. i now can start looking forward to less worries about debts, and start working on the process of getting my finances back on track. thanks again!

- Tom A, Oktibbeha, MS
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